Terms And Conditions

The personal information that Canna Fusion Deli collects is not shared with any third party, and will not be used for commercial purposes without members consent. them through secure socket layer  (SSL) technology.

I hereby authorize Canna Fusion Deli to use my contact information regarding promotions, important product information, and other miscellaneous information such as new store openings and events.



Please carefully read over our Member Admission and Code of Conduct form. Violation of this code of conduct will result in a temporary or permanent suspension of services. 

BE POLITE. We are doing our best to provide a service to our clients. Please treat the staff and other members of Canna Fusion Deli with politeness and respect.

BE RESPONSIBLE. Please use your medicine in a respectful and responsible way. Please do not smoke cannabis on the street or within the vicinity of our retail locations. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery if you consumed cannabis in any form. There are absolutely NO sale of any products to minors from our website,no exceptions! Anyone suspected to be supplying cannabis products to minors WILL be permanently banned from receiving services.

KEEP US INFORMED. Please let us know about any quality issues you have with our products. Good or bad, please let us know what works for you and what doesn’t. If there is a method by which you have found taking cannabis is especially effective for your condition, please kindly share so that we can inform our other clients.

NO RESELLING. We provide medical cannabis for you only. Any reselling or sharing of our medicine is strictly forbidden. If you are caught re-selling any products purchased from Canna Fusion Deli you WILL be permanently banned from receiving services. And depending on the circumstances (e.g. selling products to minors), the police will be informed.



I affirm that I have a medical condition that adversely affects my quality of life. I have found, or am interested in determining whether, cannabis (i.e., medical cannabis) provides substantial relief and improvement of my condition. I am seeking a recommendation for my own, personal, medical use.

I understand that the benefits and risks associated with the use of marijuana are not fully understood and that the use of marijuana may involve risks that have not been identified. I further affirm that I will inform Canna Fusion Deli of any mental health, or addiction and withdrawal issues that may be exacerbated by marijuana.

I am aware that cannabis use is restricted for medical usage, and it is currently illegal for recreational purposes. I hereby designate Canna Fusion Deli to act as my agent to procure medical cannabis on my behalf for my own medical use.

I understand that if I choose to be a member of the Canna Fusion Deli Loyalty and Discount Program that information relating to my purchases will be collected and used for inventory purposes (e.g. allocating products to stores), and making recommendations (e.g. suggesting similar strains when we are out of favorites). This information will not be shared with any third parties.

By signing this agreement I accept the code of conduct set forth and agree to abide by it. I also accept that Canna Fusion Deli makes no guarantees or medical claims, and acknowledge that it is my responsibility to obtain medical supervision and follow-up. I accept any and all related risks associated and hereby agree for myself, my heirs and executors to waive any claims for any cause or any reason  against Canna Fusion Deli, its owners, and its employees.